Kiwikeiths gear

I have a lot of gear ready to go to a good home
2" dredge complete with 2 1/2 hp motor and pump, slice box and hoses
4" dredge complete with 6 1/2 honda motor and p180 pump (less than I year old) and hoses
5" dredge ready to be set up as suitcase dredge system. use the 4" motor and hoses.
so that will be 3 sluice boxes , heaps of layflat all with camlock fittings all systems are interchangeable. other extras
all dredges are ready to go just add water
phone me on 03 7828955 if interested in paying round $6000 for the lot

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will post photos when it comes fine

wood you sale 5 wer is pik up

the 5" is a ventureie ( home made but works) with a large 5" semi ridged hose and a box no motor or pump as that fits with the 4" the layflat hose is with the 4 but interchangeable with the 5. I live in hector but do go to nelson from time to time eg this tusday give me a call

do you have photos so i can have a look wot you got

in the morning……….

hay how you get on with the photos

hard to get a good shot of what it is. the blue layflat goes with the 4" so not in the shot but all hoses are interchangeable between all 3 dredges. you can also run the 2" of the 6.5 motor. just unlock the cams and relock onto next nozzle

how much u wont for that u got eney photos of all the aver staf you got

2" dredge with box , motor etc. pontoons fit both 2 and 4.

4 boxes in all this is off the 4" the motor and other stuff is still up the creek

how much you wont for the lot

was hoping to get round $6000 but make me a offer. motor is new last spring from dredgenz.

ok and wot do you wont just for the 5

don’t really want to split the lot up at this stage . I would like to try on trademe see if I can get rid of it in one go. the 5 isint much good with out hoses that will be on the 4 along with motor.
buy the lot and on sell im getting a new detector and need the money. caz said im not allowed to spend anymore unless I sell sum stuff.

o ok yip wall just let me no as cen on 5

here is the 4" complete and ready to go. so that’s a 2", 4" and 5" all for round or somewhere near $6000