Keene Hopper and A52 sluice

selling my highbanker, hopper and a52 sluice along with mats and conversion plate to join hopper to sluice.
hopper has only done 10hrs so in good condition
PM me if your interested


i once knew a keen hopper she hoped in and out of every ones sack as keenly as you would want.


oh the old bed hopper yea few of them about :slight_smile:

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Cant say l am adverse to bed hopping but sad to note that bed hopping is like seaside rock hopping…you tend to get crabs.

I like it but must assume that the choice of colours could be an indication of ones Irish ancestor identification crisis. Best to stick to the Catholic side if your like me…too evil to go to hell because the Devil dont want competition, couldnt handle going to heaven and having to sit on a cloud playing a harp while dressed in white robes and only Catlicks can go to Purgatory where l assume you make the choices!


How much are you wanting for the hopper and sluice?


Hi, did you sell yet?

Hi yes sorry just sold

keen how much thanks

sold sorry mate, try my buddy Dona on here he has one to sell