Keene highbanker for sale

comes with frame legs hopper keene A52 sluice all set up ready to go hoses and motor not included and needs to be picked up from queenstown …great highbanker has done me really well reluctant to sell but have up graded to super hog comes with spare dredging riffels if converting to two inch dredge everything is all set up ready to go comes with nomad miners moss on top of carpet well looked after in great condition $850.00

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thisis a real bargain lots of extras been well looked after

comes with foldable sluice too massive package for the price

Hi Danno, still forsale, I know someone after a highbanker so will let them know.

hi dave yea mate still for sale

hi mate, is this still for sale? Cheers Chad

hi chad sorry mate its only just been sold but i do have a near new mini max highbanker with all the bells and whitsles spare motor aswell i just have not worked out how much i want for it yet

If it comes with a motor (eg is ready to go with everything needed incl and can start prospecting instantly) we may be interested.

yes it is ready to go all included all you need is a battery but i have not decided on a price yet

Ok sweet contact me when you decide on one.

ok so the going price for the minimax highbanker combo is 1300.00 nz dollars i brought a brand new in the box spare motor for 300 so it comes with that and i am asking 750.00 for everything ready to go if you want it

sorry mate its sold sold sold sold

Darn it just back home and was about to message you saying were in. If you ever get another maybe talk about it.