Keene A52 high banker Rock build up

Heya team.

Just wondering if anyone else has had the same problem with a build up of rocks sitting on the punch plate after half dozen shovel fulls.Then is backs up and push’s a hole heep of water all at once down the sluice.
I’ve tried dramatically changing hight front and back, changed water flow and doesn’t matter what i do nothing seems to work. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Are you reffering to the A52 sluice box not the highbanker? With The Sluice there isn’t much you can do about it unless you increase the flow to insane levels, or what we do is simply shovel past the entry plate and directly onto the holed silver mesh, and every few shovels we scrape out the big rocks stuck on top down the Sluice.


Na na it’s the A52 sluice with hopper attachment so rocks need to be washed before going down the sluice. Bugger because I’ve ran a 2” pump nearly full speed and blows flake’s out the box and bearly moves the rocks on punch plate.
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Can’t you increase the angle of the hopper & punch plate so the rocks wash & roll off? That’s how most highbankers work.

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I had the same problem so I lifted the back of the punch plate to a steeper angle. I used blocks of wood to get the correct angle then drilled a hole each side of the hopper and inserted the steel rod used for adjusting the grizzly bars. I also use a 2" pump but only running about half throttle. My claim also has small jagged stones that get caught in the punch plate which will stop the rocks from sliding properly