Kawarau River users be warned: A 600kg gold dredge may come your way

A 600 kilogram gold dredge could be putting people at risk after being washed from its spot on the Nevis River.


Wow if that was mine I would be going out of my way to save it soon as it happened

Maybe they’re looking forward to a new dredge through insurance :wink:

insuring them can be a pain most companys don’t want to no about it , I had myn insured once as a moored vessel but I doubted they would honour it if someone nicked it .

The idiots tried to talk me into insuring mine. I asked them about how it works, and was told that unless its inside your house your pretty much not insured. So if you lost it in the river, your screwed. If it was stolen out of the bush, screwed. So for the $1000 extra it cost to insure, your better off going thru your home insurance in the even its ever stolen from home… Your not covered if you use it for dredging anyways, so no point in getting insurance on it.

However if he has public liability insurance as required for an access agreement or Resource consent… and he is required to salvage the dredge, then that recovery from the depths of the Kawarau river would be covered by the PL insurance I would think…

and you all think it would have made it down the Nevis in one piece during a flood event, the bouys will be the only thing left floating, the rest is at the bottom like the Titanic