Just one more before its sanded in

hi,beaches fast sanding in got in one more hunt before its over,scored a 9ct oldie bracelet padlock fastener along with a brass cross,witch i think will clean up nice,scored the 18ct virgin mary from the dry sand very lucky everything gets hoovered up pretty quick up there,3 gramms of 18ct is great,gold price is rising silver is predicted to outperform gold,hang on to your silver keep an eye on the spot price,good luck.


Hope your right about silver - someone I know well just bought 18 kgs of it and put it in security deposit.


Very nice finds there Roy.

Silver is undervalued. As a metal it is extremely useful industrially. But it could drop lower. Put aside 20% of your silver investment money for purchasing more at a lower price.
Make sure you record how much you paid for each ingot so you can ensure you sell for profit.
Be sure to test your silver with Neodymium magnets (it’s very fun).
There are some great phone apps for monitoring metal prices very closely.

Gold is still a bit over valued - don’t buy any now, unless it is a pretty nugget that you want to keep for sentimental reasons.
Do invest in gold & silver mine shares (do your research some mines are empty).

Even if the price does not rise quick enough, silver is easy to smelt or even work by hand with hand tools / make wire with an inexpensive draw plate to make simple jewelery. Double your investment money that way.

Never hide bullion in your house, or bury it in the ground - it can easitly be found by detectorists :slight_smile: You could hide it inside of a brick doorstop - somewhere that it is obvious, no one would ever expect it to be there right in front of them (sealing it inside of a brick). Or hide it up in the cleft of a tree, cover it in candle wax then place in a jar sealed in place by more candle wax.
You will have to periodically check to make sure the tree is standing and not struck by lightning (pick a tree that’s not on top of a hill (or by a river!). And make sure it’s on your land, or a tree that won’t be chopped down by someone wanting a sea view (natives are not safe these days).


Got to love silver - best places to purchase silver is NOT on Trademe but direct from suppliers where those who sell it on Trademe often get it then relist to make a handsome profit

Noted a couple of 10oz bars on Trademe at the moment are an excellent price at the moment but will they go higher? If they do not go higher then the next bid could be yours and you have a good buy - in fact even I could consider them. I paid $274 per 10 oz bars three weeks ago.

Note the optimists looking for a sucker on these two - its so easy to get caught out.

Just because it is a ‘new’ style of bar? Hey it still weighs 10 troy ounces!

This surely IS optimism - but hey he could well get a sucker.

Swiss pamp bars DO carry a premium and YES I do buy them - but then again I do tend to be mad!

To those personal friends I have made over the years I travel regularly to Auckland and deal with the three main suppliers and will buy it for a small consideration such as paying my petrol from where I stay on the north Shore into the CBD and delivering to you. One supplier is constantly cheaper than the others how ever and that supplier I tend to deal with more often.


Forgot to say to Roy1954 that the gold locket is a cracker - I do like it.

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Great finds there Roy :ok_hand:

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Do you have to pay any tax on silver purchases in uk must pay 20% V.AT on any silver although gold is tax free

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No tax but there is a mark up I think of about 6 percent over spot price so if the price is $800 per kg on the day then you pay $848 but that is the best you can do. Where I buy is where many of the jewellers get their silver and gold for jewellery manufacture. I was chatting to a bullion dealer at Glenfield on the North shore and he gets his from the same source as me and then puts a further 5 percent on so that if silver is $800 per kg then you pay him $888. Swiss Pampe cost more per kg than perth Mint - I buy both but mainly Perth Mint…

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wow 20% thats a big dissincentive to buy silver,its been said the silver price is being malipulated by powers that be.

Dig the cross Roy. yet to find one meself - a bucket lister for me.


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All of the precious metal prices are manipulated. But that doesn’t mean you can’t profit too.
Sell your bullion for what you want for it, you may have to wait a bit longer for a buyer, eventually you’ll get your price.

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Gold will all ways be number one .


I sold off some bits of gold scrap and .50 silver scrap a few weeks ago. Definately worth getting a few prices and the price on offer in person is better than over the phone and varies hugely.
Keeping all the .925 for TEOTWAWKI or if that doesnt happen will bury it like a Saxon hoard for a future detectorist to discover.