Just needing some advice

I was just wondering who I would have to message in order to get access to a very old mine that I know still to exist that used to be owned by my grate grandfather and his brother I know the land is now doc land and there are some walk ways up there but I really want to go see the mine itself not actually go in it so to speak but just to go to the entrance

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Where about’s is the old mine? If its Doc land its usually public access for tramping etc

It’s around glenorchy in sure on exact location but it’s around that area

Was it a Sheelite mine?

Yea I believe so I think it was call the heather jock mine I believe there is a guy you can stay in around there but not sure

A starting point for you

Yep Heather Jock Mine is a Scheelite mine. What was your grandfathers name? I have a book called “Miners In The Clouds” & a DVD about the history of Scheelite mining in the Glenorchy district. He may be mentioned in either of those. If not both.

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His name was John wylie and he owned it with his brother