It Would Make His Day

What’s up gold miners! :cowboy_hat_face:

Most of you have probably followed my adventures here on Paydirt and recognize me as the crazy Swede with the orange beanie, the lad who carries his Gold Monster wherever he goes and who’s been fossicking around the South Island since December last year. If you have you also know that I’ve been quite successful in finding gold, many times thanks to the extremely friendly and helpful gold miners here on the forum who have shared their knowledge with me.

This post however isn’t really about me, but a younger friend of mine who I met when I stayed with a family in Seddon. He’s 10 years old and very keen to learn more about gold mining. He’s such a great kid and I can see lots of potential in him, he just needs to be out there and practice.

I’ve promised him that I’ll try my best to take him out for a few weekends when he’s free from school and the weather is fine. The problem however is that there are no public areas around, apart from Howard Valley which is a 2 hour drive away. I guess I could always take him there, but we would lose so much time driving and we can’t really get to the best spots in my tiny 2 wheel drive.

Therefore I was hoping to get in touch with some of the claim holders up Wakamarina and Richmond Range who would let us have a play with the detector and gold pans on their claims. It’s very important for me to do it the proper way and to teach the boy to respect people’s claims and stick to the rules. That’s why I’m asking here rather than just take him poaching somewhere, which I of course never would do anyway, but I think you get the point :innocent:

If we were allowed onto your claim the equipment we would use is hand tools only. No big sluice boxes, suction dredges, high bankers etc. The equipment we’ve got is a metal detector, gold pans and a little wee E-Z sluice box. It’s just very basic hobby mining, we’re after the experience rather than the gold, though it’s always nice with some nice flakes to keep as a memory.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to pay you for letting us dig on your claim, hey I’m just a poor student, but I’m happy to give up some of the gold I find, as long as the boy gets to keep his.That’s all that matters to me. I’ve found my fair share of gold already. Apart from giving you a percentage of the gold we can also mark out the spots for you, so you know where it was found and easily can go back there with a dredge etc. That way it could be a win win scenario that’s benificial for both parties.

If you think you could help us out please send me a pm. You can also call, or text ‭‭021 089 20481‬‬.

Thanks in advance! :blush:

Cheers Elias


You can use my claim but need to have some rules to limit fossicking time can’t be getting to much lute , I’m thinking sniping only & no wetsuits aloud :slight_smile:

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Funny guy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: It’s a hell of a drive only to end up with no gold and hyperthermia, not really worth it in my opinion, but thanks for your kind offer :kissing_heart:

Well that what you get when you sleep in till lunch time every day writing poems lol
maybe golds all gone :confounded:

BUT I NO BETTER :muscle: take it easy bro , next time you are about il give you an alarm clock :wink: