Is this some kind of power jet?

Hi got this in a lot at a auction with some dredge bits,any idea what it is?someone spent a bit of time building it.

Could be something like an infinity power jet. Check out these old links.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

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That looks very similar thanks,ill have to try it out some stage,its pretty big though not sure if my pumps will run it ,so in the shed it goes for a while…

What size are the inputs? 2.5”? Looks like it needs alot of water to run it.

Yea you bang on there,looks like someone took a lot of time to build it,hoping to try it out somestage on coast,going to use a dredge to pick up whats left after the diggers gone through,thought about a large one with a divider on the nozzle strapped to the digger boom,bit of a punt but ya never know,thats if my permit ever comes through,18 months so far paitently waiting…

Be cheaper and easier to run a cleaning bucket and just spend a bit of time scraping the shit out of the bottom

Yea probably so,might try that but i think ill have trouble with water,and ive got all this stuff lying about,be nice to see how it works,dredge will be too heavy for the river i recon,and it think the last owner used it as a cut clean up dredge with some success, thanks for the advice,will definitely try the cleaning bucket

If you can get a slogged out tilt bucket it will follow the contours of the bottom a bit better. If you do try to dredge your cuts. You need to get the tails into another hole. Tried it before and it was the most unnerving experience I’ve ever had in my years of dredging. Water murked out in about 10min. (Was a small hole)
Couldn’t see my hand pressed against my mask 100mm from the surface. Could barely tell what way was up. Would surface thinking i was facing one way to find i was turned around. The other.

Yea should be able to track down a old tilter,its papa country we gonna mine so there will be plenty of murk,might put the dredge idea on the backburner,would love to see how that power jet works tho