Is this gold or not?

I went gold panning today (first time) and found what I think are 2 very small gold nuggets. Im not 100% sure though because theres black marking around the edges of it. I’m just wondering if this is actually gold or is it’s something else. Thanks guys :+1:t2:

Looks like mica mate (fools gold)

Thank you. Tested it and it just completely crumbled in my fingers haha.

The first thing I ever found did exactly the same :joy::joy: the learning process has begun though :slight_smile:

Hi Thory, Always remember gold is heavy, so will be the last thing to move in your pan, even the smaller flakes will stay put while gravels the same size will move.

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Thats right, so the mica would just wash out if y u

usually there is no mistaking gold, it is usually bright and shinny if its been washed around a bit.