Is it gold?🤔WW2 camp find

Would like your opinion on a ring I found at Christmas.
Now it’s definitely a USMC ring and hallmarked 14k and a few other letters I can’t make out.
When I got home and gave it a clean I thought it’s plated :persevere: but it’s kept niggling away at me so gave the top a wee sand and the black which I thought steel looks like gold . So the question I’m asking was there a process for plating rose gold onto yellow that would blacken . I don’t have a acid kit but it’s not magnetic

Want me to run it through the big machine for ya?
I’ll be down that way when the tattered remains of Oma drift past :wink:

If it is plated brass the brass could go black.
The plating might be 14K Rose gold


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Sounds good interesting to see what pans out

Will see once MW bombards it

Betting it’s 14k not plated. What the weight of it Chris?

That’s the funny thing about it
It’s plated rose gold and peeling in places my (K mart) scales unrealiable

I’ll do a density for ya as well
Got a fancy pycnometer here we haven’t used in 30 years :smile:

It’ll be a major highlight to do something different than dirt for a change

Might be good to get a glass on the rest of the letters too.

Sweet keep ya posted on any sand movement … If nothing happens will post it up

They are unreadable even for my 9yr old sons eyes looking through a jewellers glass

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Update other numbers 7-50 then 14k after a 600 grit sand it’s brass👎 end of the day still a WW2 treasurer


Bugger. Although it would make sense to take a copy to war, and leave the special gold one at home - Bit like sweetheart badges I presume?