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Introductions for new members.

I think an introduction is in order
Just so everyone is crystal clear about who I am.

I’m from Auckland.
If you meet me in person you’ll find out that I’m very arrogant, greedy, and surely think that I’m better than you.

My massive house is worth at least a million dollars, heck I don’t even know the true price it’s probably tripling at this moment.

I drive a road hogging SUV, all my cars are traded in for the latest model each year, own a boat down there in the harbour, and have a holiday home on Waiheke island.

I’ve got a six figure income for sure.

Do I sip on Lattes, don’t even ask! Of coarse I do.

So if you see me down south tearing up the native bush - be sure to show me the bird when you drive by.


Oh yes we all know you mate !!!:joy:

Gold Pandemic. Take your meds my man. And also put your Tin Hat on. Watch the Chem trails and be careful out there


Looking at the graph of the house prices over there, you have got such an erection there in Auckland, having said that seems to be all over, i have been waiting for it all to come crashing down for over a year now, but it just dont look like its going anywhere but up, (i will be looking for a place over there in the new year). Heres keeping my fingers crossed.

Here’s a plan goldp simply sell your house in Auckland and with the proceeds buy a whole street in Blackball or Reefton.
Then I’ll give you a hand to dig a huge cut down the full length of the street,get to bedrock and clean up and we can say were simply installing fibre to the west coast…I’m sure they will buy it!..good plan?..thought so…lol.


If you wait until it crashes properly, you will be able to buy two houses.
Get a boat, There are many places that you can anchor it without having to pay mooring fees.
No rent, no rates. If you lose your job you can simply travel to a different city.
You’ll need to get insurance, just in case this happens to you.

But you don’t need a boat as large as his to begin.

If you are set on a house, Thames & the Coromandel have Amazing houses for a fraction of the price (the prices will go up) and you can catch a ferry to auckland.
Awhitu peninsular is a very nice and quiet location also with cheaper land & houses - with easy harbour crossing. The prices will go up also, as it is a nice summer location, and the region is moving away from farming.
Take care to investigate errosion & slips in both places. Very wild weather on the Awhitu & it’s basically an ancient sand dune. About 150 years ago a massive chunk with huge Kauri’s and such simply got eaten up by the sea one day. Over in Coromandel 90% of the storms that are headed for auckland end up pissing on Coromandel (trees attract rain?)

Thanks for that Gold, dont look like its going to come crashing anytime soon, it is Thames and Coro i have been looking at, it seems Auclanders are selling up and moving down that way, so the properties are getting scarce.

While i am here, nothing has been switched from the old account onto this new one by the looks of it, i have noticed that i am a newbeeeee all over again, but i did join in 2011 i think not long after the site started, and i even had a Avatar on there , now its asking me if i want to put another one up, so it looks like i have to go through that again eeeekk.

Newbee downer here too…Lost my badge also…Hellooo Gavin!

Hi @nzneil2001 welcome back. Badge? Would you like your old “NJC62-DN” username back? If so, let me know and I’ll fix it. Same goes for anyone else.

Sorry, it’s a completely new forum on a new database so it was going to be a huge job to try and port users across automatically :frowning: Sorry about that.

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Yes please gavin. Thanks.

Thanks Gavin i guessed all the old stuff had gone.
As a side note, i have moved and now living in thames.

@NJC62-DN - done. Anyone else, just shout out.

@benmem - All the old content is still available at the old forum archive:

Too much valuable info, so can’t delete it!


I’m new here, I’m from NY

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Welcome Phil from NY.
Any GOLD to be found there. :yum: