Introducting myself

Hi everyone. I am really keen to start this hobby. I have always stayed away from it in past because of what I thought was a lack of history in the ground here in NZ. I often thought metal detecting was reserved for people living in historical places in england etc…

Well I have watched so many videos on youtube of people in austria and france etc, digging up WW2 relics. Obviously there is nothing quite like it here but after watching New Zealand videos of people digging up old jewelry and silver coins. Wow.

So I have bought myself a ACE 250 and Garret carrot. I am a sheetmetal tradesman so I suppose metal detecting wouldnt be such an odd hobby (Metal takes up a huge part of my life, the music sometimes aswell)

Well I live in Wanganui at the head of the mighty Whanganui River. I am super excited to get out there and find some silvers. I am also keen as beans to learn. So any advice will be accepted gratfully. I also realise that metal detecting can be hard yaka and not the way it is portrayed in the videos but its ok I’m ready for a pocketful of pull tabs and canslaw :slight_smile:


Ash Simmons

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Well you have the best detector for the job so definately off to a good start.
Happy hunting and be safe out there. Look forward to seeing your finds.



Hi, Ash

Treasure hunting is really exciting. wishing you luck in good finds. Nuggets FTW