Interesting Haast rock

We isolating at Haast, found this in the river bed,… fishing… I mean out walking yesterday. What the hell could it be ? Professor Google can only tell me it’s Apatite, but I don’t think so.

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We’re you in Jacobs river? If so it’s aotea. Only found in Jacobs?

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No found in Haast, but thanks for the info.

Definately not aotea (although there is one other spot it is found for the record on the coast) plus beaches,

It looks like that puddingstone found at jacksons bay and the next bay around to the south. a conglomerate, if thats the case,its not a good specimen.

No I don’t think it’s puddingstone. I think it is closer to the kyanite images on google.
Doesn’t matter was an interesting find. Scavenging is still fun.

beautiful rock mate…love it

That is aotea (and not from Jacobs creek)…it has banded striations and is not a conglomerate.

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@goldsborough can you wet the rock and send another photo. Was it found upgradient of the alpine fault or downgradient?

You will have to explain that sorry.
Was found up river in sight of Haast bridge.
Will get a better pic in daylight.

Could be sodalite, thats found in pivot creek in the margin of an intrusive dyke ( not the hairy angry type)…

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This is it on top of a river rock for contrast

Hi Goldsborough, that rock is a Breccia by definition, and may well be from the Alpine Dyke Swarm. There are various creeks that drain into the Haast that have float from the swarm.

Thanks for that will look at on “Google”

Is it magnetite I’ve found a similar rock

I think the conclusion by a geolgist we met , he thought it was a brecia

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