Interesting Dredge on TM, comes with land, and a river near by

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Geez the ad is a bit vague on the details. Good luck to them

this is my ad. The reason for being so vague is because I don’t want to give away the location of my site, to know all nosey parkers. If people on this site are interested and serious buyers, their own private paradise, where you can shoot a deer, catch a fish, catch a pig, set up your own gold dredging permit on you own piece of land, and dredge within view of the hut averaging between 3 to 7gms for a couple of hours. Then message me on this site.


Nice one dude! It would be living the dream that’s for sure.
What sort of dredge is it? Any photos?

5 inch alloy with compressor Honda motor works good on wheels for pulling out of river

I’m an interested party. I’ve just joined this forum from Alaska. Is it still available?

I checked this river out a few days ago, found some very fine black sand, but sadly not a touch of colour.

That’s unfortunate, Dave. But keep me in mind is something arises in the
future. I’m rather dedicated and we’re very respectful people (most of the
time😉). Appreciatively, -Jeff Young