Interesting bits from saturdays hunt

gday all, quite day for me on sat while cosmo was killing the coins on one side of this site,i could hardly get a squeak not 10 yards away,two 1919 3d,and what looks like a brass toy cannon not sure if the lead wheel goes with it it may just be a sink drain but iam sure they will display well when cleaned.good luckIMG_2148


A interesting mix there Roy !

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The wheels for a toy train, depending on size an electric one or an old Hornby or similar wind up one.

As for the brass - it’s got me bamboozled. It isn’t cannon shaped other than a cannon which hooked over a ships railing but they were more a normal cannon barrel shaped except with the protrusion on the bottom to hook on the railing to take the recoil but they would never make toys shaped like them but i dont really don’t know.

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Those lobes on the end of the brass thing look to be for rubber hoses to me.

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i like that maybe the change of size increases the pressure and has a finger hold