Information for newcomers

Hello All,
I have signed up to the group and have questions that probably have all been answered before. The first question is … Is this the right forum for questions?

It depends what the question is! If it is a question relating to the mating habits of the Patagonian [
Etcheverrius chiliensis then it aint the right forum.

Ask your questions and we shall see.


Curiously, my questions would be about “Information for Newcomers” - areas a new-comer to detecting might find useful but which do not seem to be covered by any of the established headings on this site. Top of the question list would be whether there are detectorists in Hamilton, and if there are, do they have a club? A second question might be whether there are training events for beginners.

Best advice is buy the best detector you can afford if you go cheap and cheerfull you will be upgrading on a short time

Thanks, Roy. I am pretty much settled on an Equinox 800 and a Pro-find 35 pinpointer. The 800 seems to have all I need, even if I decide to concentrate on gold. Been looking at some “where can I detect” articles and advice on-line which mostly say that detecting areas are highly restricted in NZ. Still, if I just head out to any public space, how likely would it be that other users would object? Or is that wishful thinking?

Public placers are fair game except for historic and gardens other uses can think what they like your rights are as good as anybody else

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