Inflatable tents

looking at getting an inflatable tent for next gold season. nice and easy. no mucking around with tent poles etc. has anyone had dealings with these. don’t like the fact you get 12 repair patches with the one I was looking at. tells me maybe they puncture easily.

do you need to blow them up, sounds good

What do you think they should be look for like?

I’m guessing this was an April fools :stuck_out_tongue:

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no its not. there are inflatable tents. come with a hand pump and repair kit. 3 man one takes a couple of minutes to pump up. whack in a couple of ground ties and done. several brands made plus I guess the chinaman does his own range of knockoffs.

but I did just check u tube to make sure the video I watched wasn’t posted today but its been on for months.

Air mattress already integrated! :wink:

Great things until you take a real prick of a joker with you and your world gets deflated.

In all seriousness they have their advantages but I looked into them and decided that a pole tent might be more difficult and time consuming to put up AND poles do break from time to time but at the end of the day they cant be punctured…only to find that the repair kit has got lost, you left it at home, the glues leaked and run out or the last patch was used.
I decided in the end to sticking with a pole tent and after a series of lighter El Cheapo ones I bought a Freedom Zempire Drift Dome tent - 16kgs but heavy duty and if it pours and your ‘housebound’ then your dry, wont blow away and room for three people to have a bit of space, get pissed and tell lies.


I know someone with one, from Torpedo 7, its one hell of a good tent, I doubt it would puncture easily, its really tough, it goes up in about 5 minutes, and goes down quickly too when you want it to, he loves it. The only thing is, if you think you’re going to walk with it somewhere you’ve got another thing coming, they’re damn heavy.

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