Incoming from New Plymouth

Isn’t it amazing what you find. I was hoping to find old coins but only got a spendable 20c coin.

My latest finds from two local parks.

Aluminum cans, toy bullets, cell phone, gas cylinder, end of a small light bulb, button battery, 20c, something that looks like a tyre valve cap with a hole in the top, builders pencil, rusted screw driver, an element, spark plug, not sure what the horse shoe looking thing is, golf ball, magnet part of a speaker, a pulley and a railway bolt.


Cheers for sharing Digga.
In some cases the coins will be there once all the spacejunk is removed.
Or possibly someone has been through coin shooting - leaving the larger targets behind.
Happy hunting.

That’s a nice engineering pencil though.

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Certainly a varied collection there, and always good PR with the public to see detectorists removing the junk cans etc

Hubby says the ‘horse-shoe thing’ is a locking washer off a shaft, given the location, possibly off a largish mower.
I’ll take his word for it :confused:

That would make sense. Thanks for that.

Go hard. Show us all ye finds.
Heres a find,

Keep hunting, you will find nice things.




That sure is a nice find. Can’t wait till I find some.

I think its a numbers game, you just gotta dig those targets even sometimes when you,re pretty sure its junk ! Eventually your patience and determination will pay off and you will start getting amongst the good stuff !
Keep on swingin

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Yeah, it certainly helps to be near a popular coast or urban location, for being able to regularly detect.

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your encouragement, I really appreciate it

It’s probably safe to say that everyone who has dug a sovereign, didn’t expect a sovereign… I very nearly walked away from mine!

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I always think what I’m digging is a Sovereign
Perhaps that’s why I get disillusioned :joy:

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