In the firing line

A steadily increasing collection of projectiles from around Auckland. They sure did lke shooting at shit back then. Anyone know of a good website for determining age and calibre. The hollow 50 cal is the first I’ve come across. Would that have been a

tracer round?


Looks like .22 Long, .22 Long Rifle, .45 ACP, .38 S W or similar - for starters.

Cheers, I’ve managed to ID some but its all new to me. Good to keep the brain active.

I havent got a brain and thats why I dont do anything! Oh yes I forgot to say that some look like .303 plus one seems to possibly be an early nickle jacketted 215 grain .303

the bronze badge looks interesting

Yeah pleased to find that. 3rd Auckland Infantry Regiment cap badge. I think the crown detail dates it to 1st world war period

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