In Honor of The Loving Memory of Kiwikeith

In honor of the loving memory of Kiwikeith, a true legend.

I had the opportunity to meet Keith during my travels back in 2018. What a great man he was, very friendly and a keen prospector. He took me up to one of his spots (mind this was in May, so creek was freezing cold) and then let me have a warm bath at his house when we came back. We did find some gold too, I outperformed him with my Gold Monster haha. Before I left he gave me his notes on some very interesting spots, he was very generous and helpful that way, very knowledgeable and happy to share his thoughts.

Now that he’s sadly passed away I thought I would go back and walk in the footsteps of a true adventurer. I will try to visit as many places I can during my time here. Some are under claim by now and won’t be going there, obviously. It’s a shame really that he’s not with us anymore, I had hoped to catch up with him on this trip. He was a bit of a character, but very nice indeed.

Rest in Peace.

Just got back yesterday from one of his spots, still plenty of nice gold up there and lovely areas to pitch a tent. Oh well, we’ll see what next adventure brings us…


Welcome back.
Yes, sad indeed to lose Keith. :cry: Keith must have been looking down on you. Nice gold. Well done.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


Was just re reading his main post today, absolute legend by all accounts I can tell :yellow_heart:


He was a great guy, brought his gpx4500 off him, spent a few hours at his house chatting about gold and all other stuff going through his maps. he had a lot of knowledge and happy to share it. Very nice gold there.


yip Great guy , bought his 5 inch dredge NZ off him , hope hes not to pissed its not getting as much use as id like , Im sure when i do get back in the water he will be watching


This photo just showed up in my “memories”. He was certainly a legend and fondly remembered.


Nice Gavin. I had many a conversation with Keith but never got to meet him personally. I regret that. His memorial day I made the effort to go & that was the last time I saw you too.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


It was great to see so many people from all over the place come to his memorial day. He was a very generous character.

I’ll make an extra effort to pop in on you this summer when I’m down your way. Too often I’ve just been rushing through in the past. Hope you’re getting out there and on the colour :slight_smile:

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