I'm Looking for a new adventure gold hunting in New zeland

I’m from the UK but was born in New Zealand so have a passport I left when only 2 30+ years ago I’m looking for a new adventure in my life I’m really interested in gold hunting or small size claim I wondered if New Zealand could be the place if anyone knows of areas I could look into or claims I don’t have unlimited money so am looking for something small to start with not necessarily as a great money maker but enough to survive also I’m not set on new Zealand anywhere in world but I am type1 diabetic so would need to be somewhere that genuine insulin is available even if its a flight away any ideas anyone

Hey mate we can be your agent to get you a claim but since MBIE have up the cost it will cost $5750 for mining permit, and depending on where in nz it will cost $400-1000 to organise application and deal with the crown to get it granted, then you have do deal with the local council’s etc, we do have mining claims we could lease for minimum impact mining?



What sort of low impact mining claims do you have then and what are terms your after I’m not really bothered where in New Zealand I’ll go where gold is