I'm back again!

Hi all, after a long long, thought I would come back and see what peeps are up to. Will read more posts soon.

A warm welcome back chappie :slight_smile:

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Where you been?

JW :cowboy_hat_face: :cowboy_hat_face:

Thanks Gavin, good to be back.

Well, I have not “been” anywhere new, just staying home mainly, hiding away from the crazy world. I have not been here for a variety of reasons.
The site changed and then my link died, then lightening got my computer and I could not remember my password, or make any sense of the sites new layout, ( I’m old and a technophobe) so I just flagged it as too hard.
Been busy meanwhile making a living, fixing things, building things, hunting, prospecting, fishing, buying things that needed fixing, gardening and trying to adjust to getting older and more decrepit each year.
How about you ?

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Nice one. GOLD is good.

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