Illegal miner caught from South Canterbury

Just saw this in the latest newsletter from NZPAM interesting reading-

“Investigation into illegal mining sees reparation of fees and royalties owed”

Our compliance team have been working on a number of investigations for illegal mining.

In April during Covid-19 lockdown, a South Canterbury man was charged with ten counts of illegal mining without a permit. The maximum penalty for each charge is a fine not exceeding $400,000 or two years imprisonment and $20,000 for every day or part day during which the offence continues.

The defendant applied to the Ministry to have his case dealt with by diversion. After determining that the defendant was a suitable candidate for the diversion process, a formal agreement was entered into.

The defendant has now paid a significant amount in reparation of fees and royalties, which were owed to the Crown. He has made a further payment by way of a donation to an ecosanctuary rehabilitation trust for the sum of $10,000.00. The charges against the defendant will now be withdrawn.

If you are concerned that there is illegal mining happening in your area you can contact our compliance team by completing the online form, linked below.

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yeah i saw that , and im north otago not south canterbury so that counts me out mate, looks like it was an expensive exercise tho

I saw that too. I wonder what he was mining and whether he had a permit but was illegally extending it or something. Lacking quite a bit of context to be too useful.

yeah not sure 10 counts of illegal mining hmmm , probably sampling the ground to check out the viability lol

Ten shovelfuls into the sluicebox :rofl:

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South Canterbury could only be the Upper Waihao River IF it was for gold. I wonder if it was more likely to be coal.
In any case l think it must have been on a fairly large scale.

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The guy who was caught was from South Canterbury. From the report it doesn’t say where he was mining though. Could have been anywhere.

Im guessing he probably wasn’t mining in South Canterbury itself as theres limited places to mine.

Maybe he was a dredger?

Im guessing someone on this forum no more about this than we do

if it was gold dredge he had a heck of a find to reach the royalty threshold.
most likely heavy machinery and prob not gold?

Yeah thats a good point gogold. Is the royalty threshold something like 70K?

70k looks like they owe me then, cause ive probably spent that since catching the fever


I thought gold was $100k?