Iggy's journeys


Hello and welcome all.

Well what should I expect to see on these journeys in the way of discoveries?

Well based on the above archive a safe bet would be to describe the future findings to be mostly mediocre, a few good with a hint of greatness… But hope is what gets us up in the mornings!

If you are intreged join me on this walkabout and we shall see😊


A waterproof model, sneaky.:sunglasses:

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Hah just call me secret :chipmunk:. Real keen to have a decent go with the snorkel this summer.

Preferably somewhere where the vis is more than half a foot, as is the case with my local ponds.

I’ve got some local ponds, and you made me think about detecting them… then I realised I’d only find shotgun pellets & shells :disappointed:

My bad… By ponds I ment dirty lakes!
Yeh I recon shotgun cartridges and pellets would be up there all right.

But imagine the finds if you could stumble on an old swimming hole/pond

In my area it’s farming, so probably no coins.
But I do have a secret location that I hope to detect soon, might have some reeeal good stuff in & around. It’s a permission, so hope I can get the okay.
Was reading a big book on my area, but mostly boring geology/flora & fauna, then, bam! major history nugget appeared.

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Nice work on the research and good luck on getting the all clear for the earthworks. Hopefully it pays of big time in the way of relics!

Righto here is a little debrief on a journey that took place at a new location I spotted while out and about the other night.

First target I chose to dig=roundness, sweet.
I got onto a wee patch which contained enough coins to entertain.

It was quite a busy evening with stray dogs and children pretty keen to see what I was up to. After a while I decided to venture over the bank towards the roar of the ocean for a little peace.

I found two lighters on the banks the second pre dating the first by several decades. Down on the boulder strewn beach targets were few and far between as is often the case.
Then all of a sudden in the moonlight it dawned apon me just how much these black rocks looked like seals!.. And with the deafening ocean roar it was unlikely I would hear any angry seal. The decision was made to get out of there and pronto.

A promotional Coruba watch, 1907 Britt penny, and a few other ufo’s were collected during the evening.


Hard out Iggy, nice one.
Happy Hunting.


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Awesome post. That lighter is cool & the ufo.
yah might want to go back and check out those dark shapes, I’ve run from rocks at night too :blush:

Cheers Pandemic by ufo I’m meaning unidentified ‘foreign’ object!
Not the flying variety :alien:

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Out of town work created two hunting opportunities. Both new spots, the first hunt was a quick buzz around a town that should really be very good… But I seem to struggle every time I try my luck here!
Maybe it’s partly due to fatigue (Early starts lots of driving even before work begins), hunger (where is my tea) or simply rushing too much and missing the good stuff.
Anyway found a few projectiles, bits of foil and not a lot of anything really, so back into town in search of tee and a bed😋

As Arnold would say “I’ll be back” I’m sure one day I will discover something super cool there!

The following evening heading for home I stopped off at a wee town full of history!.. And mid hunt would have an interruption :flushed:

Things were a lot more lively here, lots of targets to maintain interest. Right on dusk out pops a sweet as snake belt buckle (second one for the F4, so glad I brought it with me) a few coins were starting to appear into the beam of my headlamp when…

A car pulled up beside me, no biggy I looked up to see the boys in blue, well one actually!
After an exchange of headlights he hops out to inform me he had been called by a member of the public to come check out what I was up to.

Long story short he was happy although something tells me he didn’t share my enthusiasm towards the snake buckle find :blush:

It just goes to show everyone is being watched, whether we know it or not. As far as the location goes it certainly was no where dodgy, or iffy. Just on a roadside dirt/clay bank under some old macro trees with a park across the road. I guess the local (or whoever made the call) could have thought that I was disposing of a body, casing someone’s property, about to cross the road and root up the cricket pitch, or any number of things.

Anyway the fuzz headed for home and I continued pulling coins, couple of toy cars, etc. all good fun!

Woo Hoo wasn’t expecting that!

The end, happy diggings


Wow Iggy, check out that snake belt buckle. Lucky you found two of them.
A rare neat find indeed. Must be chuffed with that.


Yes thanks Shane, happy as. Just pulled out my first one, there are lots of different styles of them.


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well done, one dayyour going to get something special from one of your spots.


Yes many differant styles. Some were used as belt buckles and some on shoulder/rifle slings from memory.
I do believe there were versions used in the american civil war. Not too sure tho.
A very rare and unique find.


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The lead up to last nights beach hunt begins in a somewhat normal spur of the moment thing. Although the beach machine was already on the charger, so a hunt must have been lurking in my mind earlier in the day. Probably all this talk of ‘beach gold’ and ‘crazy deep targets’ of the :ring: kind might have had something to do with it!

Anyway after a bit of pacing and checking on weather conditions I decided it was now or never. Still raining and dark (as it is at 9pm winter) I pulled in to my usual parking spot…mmmmmm no that’s no good, I could hear an alarm coming from one of the buildings. No I’m not sticking around for more ‘questioning’ and besides lots of nearby houses with lights blazing someone was have bound to have made a call.

Five hundred metres down the road out comes the equipment and minutes later I hit the sand. First target BEACH GOLD!

Unfortunately not the variety I was searching for, seconds later a freshly dropped 20c, cool.
Anyway I will try and keep this brief :wink: Thank the lord I hear you say.

My main objective for being here was to try and improve my beach detecting skills, of which I have little. Low and slow was the approach and really trying to concentrate on what the machine was telling me. I was mainly concentrating on the slightest change in threshold ‘hum or mosquito buzz’ and was pleased with the deep finds I managed to get onto using this method.

Nothing crazy exciting but encouraging all the same.
Found a couple of average cuts, but nothing there at all. The rain got the better of me and a couple of hours later I was home.

The 30 gram projectile took a bit of encouraging out from under the rocks.

An enjoyable we buzz around playing in the sand :blush:

The cops :police_car: are probably relieved, it’s only a detectorist.
You sure got a variety of things.

As for that $2, I thought it was in snow for a second, what with you mentioning winter and being “down there” :snowflake: :grimacing: :snowflake: (down south, the cold south island).

Ha ha it’s not uncommon for the white stuff to settle on the sand, but it’s probably only a bi-annual event down here on the mainland :snowflake:

A late arvo beach hunt to a wee rocky beach new to my coil.

It was a pleasant mild afternoon and quite nice to be searching during daylight hours for a change. The first coin emerged fairly early on, but they were few and far between.

Lots of lead, as can often be the case. The sand build up didn’t seem too bad, which was nice for a change.
Nice moral boost to see the mystery object appear from know where.(any ideas as to what this is I think it’s missing a bit, I did find that half round loop close by but doubt if they are related)

By this time the tide was fully out giving lots or realestate to explore. Heaps of iron targets out on the rocks in the pools. Investigated some of them and my suspicions were confirmed when a rusty nail or ‘blob’ was retrieved.
Continuing onwards and gathering up more lead, I got a interesting signal from a small deep pool.
First careful scoop after removing the overburden and BOOM!

Thought it was a live one for a moment… Rolled her over to reveal what I think could be a trench art whistle?:smiley:(But maybe I am being hopeful)
Even if it’s not, quite a cool find. That same pool held both battery terminals, six small copper nails and a sinker. Quite a few large rocks were on top so whatever fell in there was there to stay.
I had good intentions of swinging by a swimming beach on my way home for a quick swing… But it didn’t happen.

The cartridge measures 140mm from nose to tale with FNB 04 with a + sign on it encircled (nato symbol I believe) on further investigation a list of headstamp markings reveals.
FNB Fabrique Nationale Herstal, Herstal, Belgium
Not sure on the 04 could be a date 1904 or 2004 but I’m no firearms guru.

An enjoyable afternoon at the beach. HH