ID if possible sea crusty badge

Maraetai Beach again Monday. Found this shield/badge after digging a crater. Dont know what type of metal. Awfully crusty. Stamped Chancellor on reverse side, still got it soaking as its pretty fragile. I think it maybe some type of coat of arms on front but guessing.

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Depth of hole you dug suggests a chunk of pewter, looks like old pewter. If so those warts are now part of it unfortunately and any cleaning will have to be mechanical.
My guess is some sort of position of office medallion, any long-established posh schools nearby?

Keep it away from any acids and caustic if it is Pewter though.

Is that a Fleur-de-lis I see on it. Wonder what it is. Yes I tried to research it but could not find anything identical.

Yes, I never use any acids on unknown metals…just in case.
Well if Im going to be left with warts…what about wart remover? :rofl: :rofl:

Yes, indeed a fleur de lis. Ive scoured the internet for a few hours and zilch. The word Chancellor on the back is the mystery. Political, heladry or the Arts, as in an award for poetry, literature etc? I guesstimate it as circa late 1800s …going by the apostle spoon silver plate markings placement.

I believe ep stamps were on the stems from early 1900s…