ID help Korean war?

Found in a recent park hunt, any ideas?

World War Two (WWII) - Second New Zealand Expeditionary Force. Lapel badge available to those who served. I dont think it was official. Dad and my Uncles and Great Uncles never had it.

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I think they ended up in italy i remember my farther saying they were kiwis in naples right at the end

Who ended up in Italy. The badge is not associated with Italy but with the 2nd NZEF which served in Crete, Greece, Africa, Italy, Pacific and finally Japan. My Father in law was also in Germany at one stage.

That regiment may have ended up in italy

These guys are your best bet at finding an owner (and story of the piece)

What regiment. The 2nd NZEF is not a regiment. It comprises all Army, Navy and Airforce, all echelons/reinforcements and all units and regiments whether the 21st Battalion, 22nd Battalion, 23rd Battalion, 27th MG Battalion, 28th Maori Battalion, Supply Company, Engineers, etc etc etc. It has nothing to do with where they served.
Basically it is similar in a way to an RSA badge - it doesnt matter where you are or who you served with you can be part of it and have the badge.

Hi Graeme, I don’t confess to knowing too much about what you are referring to but my father was in the Supply Company as a truck driver & general hand. I think mostly in Africa. They got bombed a few times but managed to come through unscathed. He told me the only time he fired his firearm was to clear the cobwebs out of it & said he never missed a feed. Might just have been his sense of humour. He never relinquished much about his 4 years of service.
He passed on to me a two volume book set on the Supply Company & there are a few photos of him in them. Also have his war medals & papers. ANZAC day is always a very special day to me. As it is to most New Zealanders. It is very nice to see that the younger generations are taking a genuine interest in ANZAC Day & what it is all about. Least We Forget.

Take care, stay safe.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

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John - help keep your dads memory alive by joining the closest RSA and making sure it keeps its head above water. The RSA is a memorial to your dad. Hmm is the Supply company set the Official History? I have the Officual History but it’s only one volume - l must look. What is his full name. My Dad was in the 22nd Battalion. The Army are interviewing him in a couple of months. Do you know your dads service number? You can get his full records.
Hmm you can support the RSA by paying more than it’s worth for a chandelier and cabinet on Trademe!!! I am actually hoping to set up a research centre at the RSA where people can come and see if they can find photos and information about family members.

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