ID help for unknown object

I’d like some help identifying this (pictured) it comes from an area that had been bulldozed flat in a park to make way for some other fun things kids do, the area has a nearby, I’m talking kms away, red hot controversy regarding land wars and locations of related matters, it has been known to be used for farming and somewhere near it was automotive related racing. In the same churned up flattened out area I found a horseshoe, in dirt more shallow than the 1990 dollar coin found there, so it may or may not be related to anything ranging from muskets to cars to horses or picnics and women’s handbags. I have no idea but I want to ID it.

Thank you

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Hi. It may be a cable or rod end for a motorcycle with a nut doing up against it or if its threaded would not need a nut. Cheers mike.

Yep, I’d go with cable termination, something like a handbrake, throttle cable etc

Motorcycle or possibly cycle? There is a cycle related ‘fun things kids do’ area nearby in that area, part of the reason for bulldozing I think). So recent or less recent crash debris I’m guessing.Thank you.

Could we have a closeup pictures or picture and a thorough description, particularly focusing on the condition of the inside of the hole, and if there are any traces of the hole having been threaded?

Try these.

Two more in different light for good measure…


Yes i have to concur, it does indeed seem to be a cable termination blobble. I was going to suggest it mighthave been a captive nut, but the hole does not seem to be threaded and has the concave counterbores.

That makes sense, I guess not being able to place it with a current pic of a cable termination could suggest it is from an older model or that I know little about motorcycles. Nothing explains the channel on the top of one end to me though. Would be nice to get a model estimation to use as age, if only to tell me how bulldozed that area is but frankly, the horse shoe nearby says it. I guess it is possible some modern person randomly dumped a horse shoe but chances are they didn’t. Thanks all.

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I think the slot on one end is a screwdriver slot to enable it to be lined up with the cable, and then,.once the cable is pushed through it, the adjuster screws onto the cable and sits against the hollow.

I quite like bulldozers, especially in the urban areas. They lift all the goodies that have been forced deep, back to the surface. Found a mint silver threepence as it was sunbathing on the surface after a ditch witch had put a cable in. Didn’t even have my detector with me.

Yeah, tis wierd what you find when not detecting. I dug a hole in my lawn to put in fertiliser and found a 1915 penny about 200mm down.

I don’t agree with the cable termination theory. I’m pretty sure it a “nut” as used in flatpack furniture, if it is there will be a thread in the hole which goes through it, the slit is for a screwdriver to assist when lining the hole with the bolt.


Sorry to disappoint, but i believe it to be furniture hardware, we still use them today. If the hole has a thread then its definitely used on things like bed frames and bunks the slot in the top is for a flat blade screwdriver to turn the cylinder until the threaded hole lines up with a pre drilled hole to take a bolt, have also found the odd one detecting myself. Its no wonder parents are always coming into our shop asking for spare parts, when the kid must have found it on the floor in his/her room and then lost it or threw il in the park. Hope this helps, GL & HH

I thought it was case closed, not complaining I just feel like I should get a new wot sit to debate, not a ten month old wot sit. Just like a good closed case, I’d ask for compelling new evidence, such as a photo of said furniture implement to add.

Hope this helps, still a good wot sit to debate, will be worth something to the person who needs it, as it helps to keep a bed frame or bunk from falling to bits. GL & HH

Hi, just a couple of pics to show the different types, the one you found would be quite sought after to the right person, as im not sure if that particular style is still available, so good find anyway. GL & HH

The channel at the top would suggest i think that it is a piece of hardware for a bed frame or bunks, and the channel at the top is for a flat blade screwdriver to turn it till you can line up the threaded hole for a bolt, the new ones differ from this one a bit as this is an old one. GL & HH