I smell a rat!....a rat I say!

This “Stuff” news article (and I use that term loosely) doesn’t add up to me…chinese consortium…married to MP…restorative work all but signed off by DOC and regional council…greenies not happy because of “no top soil”…anyone know about this?

Yer…saw that myself. Pretty stink aye. Rules for us & rules for them. Inside job by the looks of it.

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if any of us did that id be 100% certain we would lose our bond.

Very hard to believe this mess has been allowed to happen… the sort of thing that might have happened 80 years ago. I’m bloody well shocked !!!

Good media propaganda here - Chinese AND one of them married to Judith Collins.

It stinks. The New Zealand politicians bow to their Chinese masters and it might be said that the Chinese are even infiltrating by marrying the MPs!

New Zealand should be up in arms about this and NO deal should be rebrokered after it is signed and sealed. If this is not proof of Judith Collins abuse of power and position then what is? Not one of us could EVER swing a deal like that. There should be a way for the people of NZ to take this to court to mitigate the damage and have those who agreed to change the terms after it was signed and sealed discharged from office and hefty fines applied to Collins and cohorts who agreed to the deal.

It might appear that Collins, Sage et al are abusing their positions, have conflicting interests and using their positions for the advancement of their own interests and others.

Is there an ombudsman, agency or mediator who can remedy this injustice?

I’m not to concerned about the lack of topsoil, as a lot of these old rover bed ateas just sometimes didnt have much to start with. What is lacking is any machime time to reshape the land at all, its like the just pulled theyr gear and said tata, catch me if you can. The bond was probably to small for what they would have to putbin to rehabilitate so they made a commercial decission to walk away. The upshot is that we are the ones yhat will feel the Doc and tweety bird folks back lash. Probably time to stop the international mining rip off of NZ.


Treasonous communist government officials taking it up the arse from their masters. Ardern was leader of the youth socialist party, part of her training and grooming.

Read that myself, probably gave someone a backhander, corruption alive and well in new Zealand

Simply disgusting . Nota lot we can do.

The Green Party could have a voice & do a song & a dance about it. If it were you or I we would be dragged over the coals, pun intended, or have they been given some hush money??

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Well I just watch an interesting article on the "The Coaster Club"facebook page…hopefully Jade can share it to this thread …explains that all the necessary reclamation work was carried out to a high level and was signed off by DOC by this experienced NZ mining company…sounds like the “stuff” article is no more than a greenies stitch up,written to apply political pressure and anti mining rhetoric because there is future opportunity to extract good gold out of this valley…thought I could smell bullshit!

look at the current site vs the 2017 image its pretty clear that a level of rehabilitation has been done.
its a valley floor aka ex riverbed that would have minimal topsoil to start with, Apart from no vegetation planted (which a large % of seedlings would die being planted into gravel) they done not too bad. To make it plantable would involve destroying surrounding area to rob the topsoil/clay… best to call it up to standard and not side with the greeny beat up.

btw who the fuck believes anything put out there by MSM??? Especially stuff thats on of the worst for bias and lefty propaganda.
we live in an age where the majority will believe anything spoonfed to them by the media


Yes , I have just read other info on this area and it seems we may have jumped to conclusions . This is the age of “fake news”. The truth maybe not what appears in the article. Political bias here I suspect.

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Yes that’s a distinct possibility and many people, organisations and political parties will say anything to discredit others and maybe that’s the case though if it is DoC estate l might still wonder how they got the go ahead. I understand that years ago the Blackadders tried to do a land swap by offering DoC an area of equal environmental value for a DoC block for mining purposes and were refused. Maybe if they were married to politicians the story may have been different.

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Looks pretty well reclaimed to me. In 5 years when the gorse is grown all over it, nobody will notice a thing. It will just look like any other human touched land in NZ. 100 years and trees will be there and it will look like the rest of NZ. I think most people forget that a very large part of NZ was cleared of trees for money back in the day. It’s all 100+ years old now and called state forests.( victoria state forests, tons of gold and tress came out of there) Protected so you can’t dig a hole.
So what’s the big fuss about? They got the gold. Someone else will take the trees in a 100 years. And the gorse cycle will start over.


i think its more what appears to be double standards as much as what they actually did or didnt do. pretty sure that with the way DOC and all the other parties involved work, they wouldnt let any other company leave a site like that.

It is common practice in wa for small miners to walk away and lose there environment bond than reinstate the land not sure if the same laws apply here!

Yet that claim of the former blackadders now has signed access agreements with DoC for exploration which includes cutting tracks with an excavator…

I had bill blackadders claim in the pell . he left a lot of gold behind for me.
I did heard that he had a falling out with the forest service that’s why it never happened. pity he was a conservationist and a great guy. him and afty. rip the two of you.