I just blew coffee all over my keyboard

When someone who has never used a metal detector, makes a video on how to use a metal detector.

Where do I start?

What’s wrong MW I think dressing up like a pirate would help with not attracting as much attention :joy:. Great swing technique too :+1:

Why in hell was it that when I read your comment about someone who has never used a metal detector makes a video I immediately thought of the time I joined a swingers club - thats for metal detecting isnt it? Why is it then that I ended up naked in bed with a wild woman and never did see the metal detector?


Must of been a cheap pinpointer with no vibration

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I really think you guys are just not getting it he tells us to gently probe around the area " I personally don’t have any problem with that and would be only to happy to gently probe around the area… to hell with the vibrations . perhaps she just didn’t turn the vibrator on.
as for you lammerlaw why is it you get all the fun naked in bed with wild women. I run round the hills naked all the time but I never find wild woman.

Just join that swingers club NZSwingers! Its the strange initiation mating you up with all the different women there for nefarious purposes I guess before they actually introduce you to the detectors. I mean why else would it be a swingers club if detecting was not involved?

i made a woman wild once, does that count?

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Keith mentioned gently probing around the area - now that stimulates things considerable and can turn placid women into ‘wild things’ and I dont mean as in Maurice Sendaks book ‘Where the Wild Things Are’

I suggest that next time you are walking the main drag then go up to the first attractive woman and gently probe her - you will then see what a wild woman is all about.