I Felt Creative

A young prospector
Swung his metal detector
Patiently over the ground
Listening for any good sound
But no signal was ringing
So he kept on swinging

An older detectorist
Got a really sore wrist
Two years of searching had hurt his arm
But he knew the old
“Third Time’s a charm”
The third year passed, but the detector wasn’t singing
Disappointed he kept on swinging

Time went past and the man got old
There was yet no sight of gold
Not even a bottle top
What a flop!
Then it suddenly hit
the prospector
He’d forgotten to turn on the detector
That’d explain why the detector didn’t bark
And why the screen was so dark

Elias.W 20-09-2017


Definitely up with Rudyard Kipling, Wordsworth, Keats, Gray, Shelley and Rupert Brooke - poetical works for posterity…hope I have the right word there posterior comes to mind - I dont want to get in the shit saying the wrong thing. Great poem but not sure whether it is a Dirge or an Elegy or is that an Elergy…keep it up and looking forward to the next one.

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Thanks for your kind words! Not really that into poetry, but now and then I get inspired :slight_smile:

I notice that you have another - why dont you just put them on this thread rather than drown the site with a new thread for each poem?

I know. My intention was to put them both in the new thread and delete this one, but apparently you can’t get rid of your old posts? Noticed that after creating the new one, sorry about that.

Nice write. are you planning to publish them on the book someday?

Thanks mate! Well, that would be awesome, however I don’t think they’re good enough haha :stuck_out_tongue: But who knows? Maybe in the future :slight_smile: