I am looking for the old gold mine in hayward eastern hills scenic reserve - Lower Hutt - white lines east


I am looking for the old gold mine in hayward eastern hills scenic reserve
its in Lower Hutt, white lines east

Does anyone know where about it is?


No Gold Mine there to my knowledge. In Haywards, there is a quarry as the base of the Belmont Reserve. No known Gld Mine

I have attached details of the gold mines registered to the area of Wellington


The top of the “johnson” hills , johnsonville
has an old gold mine shaft that has been blocked goes in about 20 feet.
looking towards johnson hills from cunliffe st. johnsonville
you can see the tailings , right at the top.
there is another one on the hills above porirua ,
titahi bay side
was for sale on trade me about 15 years ago.
the wairiki stream , and break neck stream are two others
they are accassable from red rocks coast , quite a way around.

hope this helps HH

There is an old goldmine in Haywards scenic reserve (in the eastern hills, not be be confused with Haywards Hill as an earlier poster has, which is on the west). I have visited countless times. I don’t think it was a successful mine. Use the track at the top of Whites Line East, and when you reach a fork (about 100 metres up), go right. this track works its way around behind some houses and the old Hayward’s home. The gold mine is below the track, behind the homestead. Note that there is a new development behind the Hayward’s house now, but the goldmine should still be there.

also see Friends of Waiwhetu`s Hayward Scenic Reserve. see Homestead loop (the track I tried to describe above is the Hayward Track).