Hunt in New Territory

After having been given some guidance from a fellow forum member I started finding out about the district I live in and how it was back a number of years.
My research has shown me a number of places that will be worth having a look at as well as some the member has shown me.
Had some time up my sleeve on Tuesday so went and sussed out one of the places I had found.
I dug these twenty coins in three hours and probably only covered about 100 metres or so. Also dug my first coin spill, that really got the blood flowing. Anyway theres so much more area to cover so will keep you all updated on further outings!!


Looks like a promising spot…go for it!

And a wee silver tucked in there for good measure. Nice.

Nice looking Thrupence

Love those silvers…silver rules! Great looking three pence.

Yeah the thrupence was in great order when I dug it just gave it a bit of a clean and it looks all shiney and new again. Hopefully there,s going to be a few more good finds at this spot. time will tell.