Hunt for small change leaves tourist with big loss

Just thought I’d put this link up. This is Goldenboy_98 who is from Sweden and has been on our forum for the last 6 months or so planning his trip to NZ in a gap year from schooling. Mad keen detectorist (4 machines) and a real nice guy who unfortunately has been robbed in Nelson while detecting. I took him out for a few hour detecting on Monday and he’s a good kid working his way round the country. He’s heading south Q/town next I think and maybe some members on the forum might like to show him a few spots. Nt sure I can give out his mobile you you can get in touch with him via Goldenboy_98 on this forum.


What a nice start to the trip , welcome to nz :frowning:

Thank you @musketballs! It means a lot. This is a nightmare, but thankfully I’m surrounded by nice people who are willing to help me through this. Thanks once again and thank you for Monday’s detecting at the beach. It was really nice to meet you :slight_smile:

Thanks. Yeah, it sucks! So glad I made it here though :smiley:

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Hey at least you still have your detector. One of the guy’s on the forum sending you a pm to take you dredging and camping so not all is bad.
All the best for the rest of your trip.


Indeed. Really appreciate that! And yeah, I still have both my detectors, so all good :slight_smile:

Well that sucks.
Hope the rest of trip goes better.

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It really does :frowning: Thanks! I’m sure it will :slight_smile:

if your around Reefton you can gold hunt on my claim PM me