How's this for Token love

Got these beauties swinging the CTX this week in the middle of nowhere. Probably a pocket spill
1861 British Penny
1863 ditto
Perkins & Co Dunedin Draper token circa 1863 to 1866 (minted by W.J Taylor London).
D Anderson General Store Wellington token circa 1858 (minted by Heaton & Sons Birmingham)
Day & Mieville Marchants Dunedin Otago token dated 1857 (minted by J.W Taylor London)
G Hutton Ironmonger Hobart Town token circa 1860 (minted by W J Taylor London)
O H Hedberg token Hobart Town circa 1860 (minted by W J Taylor London)
Plus a Musket B

Pllus two moreTokens I can’t read
Love it


Wow! Middle of now where aye? Must be a good old location.

Great tokens, haven’t found one yet myself so another thing to put on the wish list! Well done.

Thanks Wanderlust

They are certainly the oldest NZ form of coinage that I have found.


Very cool spill. Rare to find such a mix.