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How to Make A SM Gold Viewer Turbo For Free

The creeks are too cold, I’m bored. So its time to make plans for next summer.

So first on the list is to make an underwater viewer so I can spot all the gold I missed last year. So here is my project.

Parts needed

  • piece of drain pipe scabbed off a friendly drainlayer. Make sure it has the female end.
  • Piece of 150 x 150mm acrylic (kindly donated by a workmate who has family in an acyclic place.
  • Bathroom RTV. From the back of a garage cupboard.
  • Masking tape. Back of workbench drawer

1 jigsaw with fine tooth blade
1 x 1l tin of paint.

Step one
Wrap acrylic in masking tape - helps stop it chipping as the saw goes around it. And is an extra layer of anti-scratch while it is being worked.

Step two . Put tin (make sure tin fits snuggly into female end of waste pipe) on acrylic and draw circle

Step three. Cut out circle. Once done check it fits in the pipe.

Step four. When it fits, peal off all the tape and put back in pipe. Run a bead of RTV in the gap

Step five. Wet finger and run it around the RTV to make it nice and smooth.

Step five. Admire finished product (to go with home made sluice)

Its a prototype. Give RTV 72 hours to cure. Tomorrow I’l test. I think I may end up drilling holes just outside the RTV line to let air out of the tube when it goes into the water.

Special design features that come with the Turbo version.

  • Long viewer to see into deep crack where gold runs away and hides
  • solid pipe so should be able to be biffed up on rocks
  • Lens protector (lens is prevented from hitting the gold directly by special rim
  • On the off chance lens does get damaged by looking at too much gold, it can be easily cut out and another lens put in its place

If you go to your Two dollar shop and buy a large magnifying glass for $5 dollars ,they about 90 mm and put inside your pipe work great . the gold will look bigger to all the best.


Done the $3.00 mod. Magnifying glass now sitting at bottom of tube, Not sure how it will work. Field trial next week.

Also drilled some holes to let the air out - don’t want anythign to prevent me seeing all the gold