How to Invest in Gold - The Definitive New Zealand Guide


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A very interesting article - hmmm produced by New Zealand Mint - I know them well as I have dealt with them.

In my opinion DO NOT buy coins regardless of gold content as their is a premium over and above the gold price generally and their rarity is governed by the company that makes them who make a limited number in order to create a rarity factor and thus increase price and they are NOT legal tender!

If you want to buy gold coins buy American Eagles, Half Eagles, Quarter Eagles etc or Gold Sovereigns and Half Sovereigns. Circulated coins which can be bought at gold value and not ‘collector’ coins minted at inflated prices for the gullible.

Better still buy gold bullion and save paying that sometimes ridiculous premium that you pay for coins and which you are not likely to recoup unless Gold goes sky high. Better to buy bullion in the form of ingots made by reputable mints. I would recommend Perth Mint. Two reasons for this 1) Swiss Pamp are dearer AND some large Swiss bars turned up in the US via China and had been tampered with in China. Need I say more!

Also phone around the dealers on the day to get a quote and lock in the price. I would phone NZ Mint then Regal Castings. Regal Casting were usually a better bet. They are not too far from each other. NZ Mint is Level 1, 48 Grays Ave in the CBD and Regal Castings are 7 Akiraho Street - both Auckland.

I noted that someone in Dunedin was selling silver at one stage - I heard that his price was away over the top and assume he buys form one of the two dealers I mentioned above. DO NOT BUY before checking daily price. 6 percent over spot is about the usual premium. If anyone wants to buy over that then see me!!!


Is this the same Perth Mint that got pinged a couple of months ago for selling overly cut gold to China?
I don’t buy gold as you are usually in the bottom half of the pyramid. Stuff you dig is 100% profit regardless of purity in my mind.

I concur regarding Regal, always had the best price on the day when I’ve sold.

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Yes the same Perth mint but the difference was miniscule none the less. At the time I thought China was being a bit pedantic.

As for gold - that faded into tobscurity for three weeks as I was up North and made a point of going to Ohaewai to see what I could find!

And what did you find??

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Puddles, puddles and more puddles - rain, drizzle, chilly, chilly, drizzle, rain. No cannon balls and no naked nymphos.
Was staying with a friend and he had found a cannon ball in his neighbours yard - sadly he collects that sort of stuff.

Sadly… so do you. :blush:

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