How much gold per day

hi much gold do people need to make an day dredging to make it worth it. with travel accommodation gas etc wear and tear new wet suits etc etc.we are running an 5inch so uses bit of gas. im thinking of like 7 to 10 grams an day miniumin what are other peoples goals an day thanks

Quite a lot of variables there… distance to travel, is helicopter needed, etc.

Curious myself though. I’m a hobby dredger so not got any amounts to contribute myself as the hobby costs me more than I make at present once everything is factored in.


I try to go for a gram an hour on the motors, average. If I am not getting that, it’s not worth it for me. My dredge costs about $5 an hour to run, and we probably eat $25 worth of food a day. So if I spend 5 or more hours in the water, it’s about $250 worth of gold once sold. I spend a week at a time dredging and do about 30 hours, so only get an OZ a week. Enough to keep me happy.

The difference is… are you trying to do to this as a full time job? If so I would be going for 2+ grams an hour so your making money and not just paying to the bills. Gold mining for profit is a gamble, and its better to walk away once your digging into empty pockets to keep the dream alive. I have a job the rest of the year to pay all my bill, so other people doing it FULL TIME would probably say you will want more.