How do you fix your dredge hose

Hi everyone I was out dredging today and I noticed about 5 small splits in my tiger flex hose and 1 large 1 my gold recovery has dropped majorly. Has anyone have any ideas maybe shitloads insulation tape?

Back when I was gold dredging I used some silicon to fill up the grooves in my hose then when it had set rolled wide black tape over it…quite a few layers round and round and it worked well.

I’m the same as you lammerlaw plenty of black wide plastic tape. I go through heaps of it and its cheaper than a new hose

Thanks guys I’ll get onto it tomorrow

I had the same issue while dredging. Quick bush fix with tape and tie wraps to stop tape ends coming loose worked very well for me.

Gday dan
I found duc tape to be very good. Has great bonding and very pliable. And is cheap as.

When I had that problem I got an old inner tube, cut it to size and pulled it up to the leaky bits, made sure it was smaller than the hose so it stretched to give a good tight fit. Did have it tapped, but got sick of re taping.

Cheers The Hatter


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Use thin insulation tape 1st to fill holes and gaps about 5-6 layers then same with thick stuff cost under 15 dollars and thanks everyone for your advice

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I’ve seen clear duct tape used before. Beats using normal duct tape that way you can see blockages in your hose.

Also try and keep your hose out of the UV when not in use. I’ve found the tiger flex hose very prone to UV damage with our strong UV in NZ r will damage the hose and make it brittle and prone to splitting.

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