How do i drive this metal detector

hi there , iam brand new to this gold detecting thing, i brought a mine lab goldmonster…anyway i have taken it out quite a few times now and all it seems to do is beep 24/7…is this the norm …? or am i going over stones and rocks with metal in them…any help or tips would be bloody awesome . iam going around the river beds around franz josef as this is where i live or am i in the wrong areas?..cheers ivan

Have u got a gold ring or something with gold in it to learn the correct tone? Gold has a sharp blip blip to it an lead sounds the same usually. Definitely hot rocks everywhere I usually run in full sensitivity but sometimes if the bedrock is hot u turn it down until it runs silent. The monster is super sensitive so if the gold is there it won’t miss it mate. Iv found fly poo size gold numerous times generally on bedrock with minimal overburden. If you find lead in a crevice it’s a good indicator as gold will catch with it. Dig it all an you’ll be successful one day.

Hi there. Is it a brand new Goldmonster or a 2nd hand one? My one developed touch sensitivity, meaning if the coil just touched a blade of grass it would give a false signal. Getting a new coil solved the problem. The Goldmonster is a very easy detector to operate & is basically a switch on & go machine. If all else fails, read the manual. If you don’t have the operator manual go on line & print one off. It has to be one of the most simple detectors to operate. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist. It is a VLF detector & will not like concentrations of iron sand. I can generally run mine flat out in the highest sensitivity settings but haven’t a hope of using it in the Arrow or Shotover rivers due to the heaps of iron sands they have.

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Im no expert and have only found a few little bits and i mean little however i find if u dial back the sensitivity 2 bars they work the best well for me anyway hope all goes well for ur hunting

My personal preference for using the Goldmonster, as it isn’t my go to main gold detector, is to use it for shallow creek bedrock detecting as it is super sensitive on that small tiny type gold that the big boy detectors miss. Its small 5" coil makes it very easy to poke & prod under water into the tight cracks & crevices. That is the gold monsters forte, small tiny gold but it does need to be close to the coil. Hence a great bedrock detector. The coils being of small size their depth isn’t the greatest.

The other use I put it too is as a pin pointer. When I have a deep target & have got down into quite a big hole using my GPZ 7000 with 15" coil I use the GM to better locate exactly where the signal is in the hole. As the bigger coil of my main detector makes it hard to get the 15" coil right into the hole trying to get a better idea of where the target is. The GM can also tell me if it is ferrous or non ferrous & whether I am wasting my time even recovering it. I usually do though regardless. I also use the GM for re scanning the dig out pile from a dig with the bigger detector as like I said it will get the tiny smaller gold the bigger detector missed. Once a bigger bit of gold has been recovered from a deeper dig from the bigger detector it can be surprising how much smaller gold is down in the hole. Gold the GM would never have got from the surface but once down deeper the smaller gold comes into sight of the GM. The small gold the bigger detector missed. So the GM is great for cleaning up the crumbs & it all adds up. Gold is gold.
The bugger side of the GM is that it loves shotgun pellets. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Hi fella’s,
Interesting you talk about touch sensitivity, I’ve found probably around 40 grams with my monster…great machine but definitely super sensitive to grass or being close to water which does become very frustrating. I find the big coil needs to be fully submerged to work around water…it can’t hover just above water without having a meltdown. Anyway great machine but it is strictly a bedrock detector.
I’m on the lookout for a new minelab…5000, 6000 or 7000…if anyone has a second hand one they want to sell let me know.
Thanks Scott

Just sold a 5000 but do have a 4000 if interested.
I forgot to mention about the coil of the GM needing to be fully submerged otherwise it nuts off with false signals as it breaks the surface of the water. That is just the nature of the beast. Frustrating at first but once you realise this you just deal with it & get on with the job.
As to the touch sensitivity, it will be a faulty coil. Do you find it worse when the grass is wet? How do you find the bump sensitivity?


Hi Scott
I have a 7 for sale, if your interested pm me for more info

Hi, the bump sensitivity is very bad…it can’t really touch anything without it going off but I assumed this was normal so I have just become accustomed to knowing a bump signal.
Will send you a message re the 4000.
Cheers Scott

Hi Tony,
Thanks…I’ll send you a message.
Cheers Scott

Sure sounds like a suspect coil. It should not be like that. Are both coils the same?

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thank you mr miagi, i will give that a crack

thanks kiwi, yeah its brand new after reading your reply i asked the dredge people who i brought it off …but still no reply that was over a month ago…