How do I create a new post?

just prepaired a post got pics on but could not workout how to do the post eg. wheres the post button on a new topic.

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Hi Roy if it’s a new topic go to top right of page in the particular section you wish to post in and click on the ‘new topic’ button

thanks iggy will try that.

hi iggy tried that shows right cat but hitting new topic just comes up do you want to abandon your post, must be me need more instruction for the computer unwashed.

@roy1954 sorry to hear you’re struggling with the new site mate :frowning: I’m wondering if you accidentally minimised your post while writing it so it’s just a thin grey bar at the bottom? This allows you to have more screen space of you want to go back and read more before writing more of a reply.

There’s a Sandbox category. Feel free to have a play there to figure out how things work. It’ll come quickly I’m sure :wink:

sorry gavin no go ,hit new topic create new post download pics on to post ,then hit new topic again as suggested by iggy thats where iam going wrong it shows abandon post there must be another step.thanks roy

Hi Roy only hit the new topic once to get going once all text and photos are ready click on the reply button bottom left below your text.
If abandon post is coming up you may have part of your post auto saved. Try that if no good you may to to ‘abandon post’ and start from scratch, or try it out in the sandpit

@roy1954 you should see a button top right, like in the screenshot below…

thats the problem theres no reply button, the bottom of the page is create topic cant get anything below that .is that where the reply button is supposed to be?

Hi @roy1954 - if you’re writing a new topic then you’ll see a “new topic” button at the bottom (which you need to press once you’ve written your post). If you’re replying to an existing topic you’ll see a “reply” button at the bottom.

Hopefully that helps you?