Hot water on dredge

hi we have an 5inch keene with 2 honda 6.5s we run an heat exchange off 1 of the mufflers attached the problem is we have to have that pump at 100% just to get it hot enough.would love to here of other peoples set ups thanks chris

A 9mm wettie workhorse long john and a 7mm top, socks inside a lose fitting set of boots… the only problem I have is keeping fingers warm

i use about the same set up but after 7 or 8 hours in the river start getting bit cold haha

You need two exchangers 6.5s are a minimum so put 1 on each engine join the 2 so you get twice the heat & twice the flow , youl need to do some research as defiantly want a couple of safety features in there , a mixing chamber is one preferably with some cold water getting fed into it & a reliable disconnect , good inline filters also to stop blockages iv melted hoses off a few times haven’t been burnt but theres a good few guys out there that have so put some thought into it.


Thats an good idea for 1 on each motor and yes ive seen the mixing chambers but defiantly wouldn’t work with the amount of heat i get off 1. and yea i just jam the hose down the zip so if gets hot can rip out quicki have had an close call getting too hot once

Laidlw1… You are a harder man than I… I cannot manage more than 5 hours on a frosty winters morning, on days when I needed to break ice in the pump.

i have not dredged in the winter that would be way to cold.if there ice im not keen haha

Cannot say I make a habit of frosty morning dredging trips… Trick is to put the wet suit on in the warm shower at home… and take it off again in the warm shower at home…

… no, not a week later…

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Is this just for warming up the divers?

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just od on fluids before getting in ur wetsuit, then as required you can have a little piddle or two when the going gets cold.

So i have been doing more research and have found out the gx 200s are 5.5 hp on max ratings so probably only realy 5hp. What have people done for hot water on the gx 200s please.

Heat exchangers on each engine and even then the 2 small hondas will struggle to provide enough flow at a suitable temp.
really need x2 9hp minimum to get enough for 1diver 9you need ample hot water to get it flowing out both arms legs and also neck to keep ya head warm.

only other option is a half decent gas califont or a drysuit. Ive got a good drysuit but head and hands still get cold could prob rig a splitter for hotwater to solve the problem. dry gloves still get cold the mitten type are better but you lose dexterity

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I am planning on upgrading to a 6 inch when my 5 inch hose wears out so I do want to get some bigger motors and pumps. I just want something reliable and something that can keep me in the water longer on days and dredge in the winter when water levels are lower etc.

fingers toes and face are the killer in the cold, Ive tried in the past and just cant hack it but my hws was on 2x 6.5hp and it just wasnt enough. even now I have a drysuit my hands dictate what temp water I could dredge, face can be helped with a full face mask but theyre dangerous if in deeper water.
Pity the other forum is dead a few of those guys winter dredged and had good setups but they had big dredges with big engines to get ample hot water

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