Hot rocks niagara

Hi everybody. I found what I suppose is a hot rock about a foot deep in the mud the xize of my hand I smashed it up now it’s about an inch long . Exposing what appears to be the end of a silver knife Handel it appears to been in an explosion and smell of gun powder witch is fused to the Handel I recon it’s of the niagara.

Have you got a photo. An interesting thought but in certain situations and especially close to or against items with a sulphur or iron content you may get that smell. I might have imagined that the Niagara cutlery would have had a monogram on it to stop passengers from pilfering but then again if the blade is not there then you probably would not see the monogram.
Its a nice thought

I do have photo I sent it the guy that wrote the book .he says very well could be of the niagra it don’t seem to have the option to add pictures on this. I’m going to look for moor today

Just drag them into your message while writing and the photo(s) will get added :wink: