Homemade sluice box

Hi community want to see ur homemade sluice boxes going to have a crack at my own i know its pretty straight forward but might see something that trickle my pickle


This is the style I’ve always made…:v:


Good one mate how long dose the wood hold up

I normally get 6 to 12 months out of them before they collapse…I haven’t built one for a while now as I’ve taken a different track…

If you used marine ply they would last a while, I was always to tight to buy it tho :roll_eyes:


Cheers, tight is my middle name haha love the upgrade u must be able to smash through the ground with that set up

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Nice mate. Made my first sluice…and old timers rocker box.
Work well…:call_me_hand:

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Heres a couple ive made, find a local crowd who do alot work with alloy and ask if they can fold one up for you, takes 5min might cost ya $100 (alloy and folding fee) big wide mouth helps for low flow. Both these worked awesome. Was hoing to build and sell the dream mat one but no time.


They look good mate sort of thing i have in my head differently want to have some dream mat involved what was the size of the dream mat one u got made up

Have you used this yet? I have the same set up

Isn’t this thread about Home Made Sluice boxs? That doesn’t look very home made to me. :wink:

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


Home made enough for me my idea of homemade when i started this post was a set up that was not brought from a shop and set up with matting and ripples the way u choose and probably at saving of $$ as im a tight ass haha

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Made this home made sluicebox some years back.
Its over the top weighs a bit.
The riffles are individually…! made from designs from all over the world… help and parts from Paydirt members… Some standard some european from memory :beer:

Its been raining here for 2 weeks. Our driveway looks like swamp, the banded rails come walking around this time of year if you see them they move quite quick. Seen a few in my time but first time i seen a pair.