Home made clean up sluice

Made this clean up sluice out of a road marker I found lying in a ditch which i thought would be perfect. Will kitchen strain sieve the concentrates first before running it so I don’t loose any bigger bits, just need a small bilge pump now and she’s all done. Should make dealing with black sand alot easier I hope.


Will post a video of it running once I’m able to get out prospecting again, currently stuck working the hop harvest.

That’s great! Where did you get the rubber

Amazing - I thought those white things you see on the side of the road were Whitebait spotter boards!
You have done well - hope it works ok. Light and convenient.

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Just had some of that rubber lying around at home not sure where it came from. Have used low V mat to line the sluice. And yep hopefully it works!


You could just use the garden nose plugged into it & running at a trickle when using it at home to clean up your cons.

I have seen those Whitebait spotters used by boy racers as sill flares on their pimped up Japer cars. :laughing:

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

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