Hokitika/Goldsborough trip

Heading To hokitika next month and was going to pop to Goldsborough to do some sluicing, is it easy access to the stream?

Ye mate super easy . Ya can even park on the road an see ya truck at the top end of one fossick area .

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What dates are ya heading over id be keen to tag along if ya want some company mate I’m all set up rearing to camp there in me new kings awning tent .

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Awesome, thanks.
I’m heading there with family sorry mate, but definitely will message you if I go there again and if you’re still keen?
Was thinking of getting a king awning tent but the partner doesn’t do camping or glamping, are they as good as what they look?

Il let you know once iv slept in it next week mate .always keen iv got the bug

You could stay in motel at Kumara .

hey guys an girls, I had a spare day so shot over for a play. Top end of public area next to the road . My hole is opened up and I didn’t even get to clean it out ran out of puff by 1pm, Good gold showing once hit the clay an the 3 huge boulders will hold the prize i reckon . Floods have re instated alot of areas with pay . Also them trees jutting out of the bank above my hole are actually an old bridge or something as they are bolted together very interesting. Haven’t cleaned up the cons yet waiting to get a blue bowl .