Hobbiest needs help

Hi I’m wanting to go panning in the Waikato area of the north island how do I get a permit and what dose it cost and what else do I need to do any help would be greatly appreciated

I dont think theres any gold in Waikato region, the only gold in the North Island is in Coromandel, I could be wrong though

What are you panning for

Hey Todd, there are a lot of resources on this site to help, have a search through and a read.

The government here have made available a bunch of areas you can gold pan in without a permit or license (called public fossicking areas), and there is much said in the forums about that and those. You can also spot them on the permit map with the right filter. Anywhere else - well I’m not sure anyone would arrest you if you are just panning.

No public fossicking in the North though. You’d need to come to the mainland :sunglasses:

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Definitely was a rush around Wellington and out to cape terawhiti and also rumours in the far north and other places as well as the coromandel.

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