Hiring a 4-6 inch dredge

Hi guy’s, I am wondering if anyone out there has a suction dredge not being used and would like to hire/lease it out for a few months? I have access to a claim in central otago and need to get working it so if anyone knows of a dredge not being used in would like to get in contact.


I quoted this price to someone (4" Dredge) hire $400 per day as long as I was there during its operation.

Interesting - the number of people I loaned our dredges to back years ago is not insignificant and I never made one cent out of it but earned some great friends. Our gear is too old fashioned for anyone to be seen dead with now and beside the motors have not gone since we parted with our claims otherwise…


I’ve got one we could both dredge and workout a deal,