Highbankers and paddle powered water pumps

I have a couple of questions about rules within the public fossicking areas.

You’re not allowed motorised things, would a paddle powered water pump that moved water from the main flow to the top of your sluice off to the side out of the water be fine, I mean it’s not an electric or petrol powered motor, it uses the water to turn a wheel that pumps water up a hose, there are various designs and they just save you the effort of walking buckets of dirt/sand from where you shovel them down to the sluice?

Your sluice is supposed to be 1 m x 200mm but it sounds like they don’t care that much about the length or the width, in that I think most commercial designs seem to be slightly wider than 200mm, and nobody seems to be talking about getting in trouble for slightly larger dimensions than the rules.

Also a 1m long 200mm wide high banker would technically not break these rules, do anybody use high bankers, I’ve not heard anybody talking about using them, which I presumed was because you’re not allowed a motor powered water pump, but a paddle powered pump would facilitate this, if it was allowed.

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Hi my understanding would be no as its still mechanical
Pan and sluice, shovel etc

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Just do it and find out, it sounds like a lot of extra kit to carry though!. There was a lad in the arrow river with a paddle powered Trommel that seemed to work ok

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Why would you bother? You still have to shovel/bucket into it. A sluice box has no moving parts & is already at water level.
On another note: How are the QED’s going for you Gav?

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Just for the novelty factor I suppose a bit of auto classification!

QEDs are all sold out everywhere now John, I have one left I’m holding for emergencies, I’ve been selling them back to aussies as they sold out months ago.
A new telescopic Pl4 is released next month, can collapse down to 600mm