High banking questions

Hey fellas I have been given some good virgin ground to work and it’s above the water line so I’m thinking of modification to my sluice to make it a high banker. What are your thoughts of using dream mat in this situation?
Does anyone have experience using dream mat in a high banker? Or are rifles better?
This photo is after about a third of a cube of material

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I guess you are going to have to invest in a pump/motor and hoses etc. Have a look at a hydro force nozzle, designed for dryland dredging, why dig when you can suck. Run it with the small keene honda pump. A trash pump dosent have the pressure. That gold looks like it is made for a Gold Cube, you can get one with a highbanker attachment that fits on top. I think Daniel at Dredge NZ sells them. Google Hydro Force nozzle and have a look at the utube video’s. I had that setup and it works well, yep a few bucks worth, but well worth it.

Cheers Trev aka "The Hatter.

Cheers m8 will have a look